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. . .  is the exploration of the reproductive system of a hen, showing the formation of an egg as it passes through the oviduct. Viewers see the oviduct in the context of the larger anatomy, explore the oviduct and follow the path of the formation of an egg.

Virtual Chicken began in a casual conversation in September 2002. The question was: Does the virtual representation of the formation of an egg exist somewhere? We could not find anything to meet our needs. Efforts began on its creation in Fall 2003. It was made possible by funds provided by a USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant.

Virtual Chicken is on a DVD.  Teaching and learning resources that include slide presentations and instructions for hands-on labs, along with the 3-D animation, will be sent to you.  

Do you have a use for Virtual Chicken? There is no charge to you for the materials, only an expressed interest in utilizing the materials. If you would like to receive Virtual Chicken, submit the information requested below. Please include your name, mailing address, and one or two sentences to indicate how you would utilize the Virtual Chicken.  Use the same form if you have any questions about Virtual Chicken.